Community Features


Don’t call us a retirement community. Why? Because to retire means “to withdraw or seek seclusion”. At The Manor, our residents enjoy a vibrant campus filled with amenity rooms and a hearty activities calendar offering up daily opportunities to socialize during activities geared to our residents. We encourage those considering The Manor to read Resident Testimonials to see how quickly their new neighbors become friends that feel more like family.


Resident Activities

 The Manor offers residents daily activities, weekly outings, special dining and dancing events as well as cultural or educational events. Day trips to the mountains, wine & cheese socials with friends and art classes are just a few of the activities available to all Manor residents. Click the box below to see an in-depth look at the activities program.


Resident Amenities

The Manor is located on a large campus comprised of four buildings. Within each building are amenity rooms designed to address the needs and wants of our residents. Quiet card playing rooms and libraries to a full service beauty salon and 24/7 front desk staff. Click below to learn more about the amenities available to Manor residents.

Resident Services

The Manor has everything you could need. Prescription and grocery delivery. In-home doctor's visits, on-site physical therapy and home care agency. Housekeeping, handymen, full service dining, the market and more. You can view a complete list of our services by clicking the box below.